Grand Knight’s Message

Brothers, we will be holding our next Council meeting, November 5th, 7:30 PM in our Quarters as well as virtually via Zoom. If you feel OK with “in person” meetings, please know that all Covet restrictions will be adheared to and ask that if you are not feeling well that you attend from via Zoom.

I feel extremely blessed, dedicated Brother Knights on our team are making my job easier.. That being said, The Council will hold a Soccer Challenge for the first time in a few years under the direction of Brother Stephen Early a new member to our Council who accepted the Challaenge of Youth Director. Date set is Sunday, November 15, 1:30PM on the grounds here at Our Lady Queen of Peace. All Covet restrictions will be maintained by Brother Knights and several of our ITEC team under Miss Tina’s direction. ALL VOLUNTEER Brother Knights are asked to attend and assist in this event. Children must be accompanied by a parent. Contestant ages are 10/11 and ages 12/13 and 14. Boys and Girls. Prizes will be announced.

Council funds will be in short supply this Fraternal year without necessary fund raising and just how do we do it effectively when our Parish and Community are ALL feeling the effects of the Pandemic. Last year we had budgeted funds which were able to take care of ALL our commitments of helping the hungry and taking care of several of our brothers who are in need. If you can help with ideas of ways for raising the totals needed to meet the needs we provide for others, please let me know. The 150 club IS our only fund raiser as of now. Tha Carnival will not be held this year which is also of great benefit to the council charitable donations. IDEAS please, DONATIONS Please. Remember that the Coats for Kids funds purchase coats and ARE NOT A FUND RAISER for the Council.

Thank you for all you do for our Council, the Knights of Columbus and for our Parish Community. We’re all in this together! Thank you also to Brother Art Ostrander for his dilligence and professionalism in producing this monthly newsletter.
Fraternally, Joe LaGuardia
Grand Knight