As you can see by the articles posted today we are also active in recruiting new members our members have signed up 5 new members since July! One new tool our Grand Knight came up with is the card to be handed to men at Mass. You see men every day or week at Mass how do you ask them join our council? we have a card you can give them it says it all just introduce your self and give them the card!

Here is what is says

Hi, I’m                        I have seen you at Mass regularly and would like to invite you to Join the Knights of Columbus. We are a Fraternal brotherhood dedicated to service of the church and community. You may have been asked to join in the past your reasons for not joining are yours. There have been many changes to the order, our council meetings are now online using ZOOM,  the degrees have been combined into one and encompass the ideals of our founder Father McGivney, you can view it on line and is open for friends & family to view with you. I ask you to consider joining us in our support of the church and our community.  Men like you make the church viable and active, your special talents will improve the Knights of Columbus and it’s fraternity with the church and community.

Please contact our Grand Knight Joe LaGuardia at 727-534-7949 or our Membership Director John Barry at 727-376-7472.

If you would like some cards call Tony Nalli FS he will send you some.